Samoa Drag Strip Rules & Regulations

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Registration:  Every racer will pay an annual registration fee of $25.00 prior to racing on the track.  Junior Dragsters are $5.00.  ALL RACERS must pay Registration Fees! Registrations are available at the front gate or the tower.  Registrations are annual and good for the current season only.  (Starting with Nostalgia Weekend registration fee is waived)

In the case of an Accident:   Only authorized personnel will respond to the scene of an accident.  We have trained qualified personnel to respond, please let them do their job and stay off the racing surface.     

Sportsman Like Conduct:  Everyone will treat Officials, racers, and spectators with respect.  ANYONE using foul language or threatening behavior will be asked to leave.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated and may result in forfeiting all winnings, points and attendance to the facility. 

Alcoholic Beverages:  Alcoholic beverages and all illegal substances are NOT allowed in the pits.  Drivers will be disqualified.  Others will be asked to leave the pits and go to the spectator side. 

Glass Containers:  No Glass Containers are allowed on the premises. 

Dogs/Pets:  Dogs/pets must be contained in a vehicle or attended and on a leash at all times.  You are responsible for cleaning up after and/or any incident involving your dog/pet.  Failure to follow this rule could result in this privilege being revoked.   

Speed Limit in the Pits:  The speed limit is 5 mph in the pits.  Speeding in the pits will NOT be tolerated and may result in forfeiting all winnings, points and attendance to the facility.  For the safety of everyone, please respect this rule.  A person must be a licensed driver to operate bicycles, scooters, golf carts, etc. from the time the ambulance arrives until the ambulance leaves.  No skateboards at any time during racing. 

Tow Vehicles:  Tow vehicles for Super Pro cars and Junior dragsters only.  Tow vehicle must use return road to retrieve race car.  Exceptions may apply please check with track personnel. 

Running Vehicles:  There must be a qualified driver in the driver’s seat any time a vehicle is running. 

Jack Stands:  Before anyone goes under a vehicle, it must be supported by jack stands.  If your vehicle is running and the rear tires are elevated, you must support the vehicle with jack stands with a qualified driver in the drivers seat. 

Staging Area:  Only authorized personnel will be allowed in the staging area behind the starting line.  You must sign the waiver at tower and obtain a wristband to enter this area.   Keep down track access clear at all times for emergency vehicles. 

Burn Outs:  Super Pro may burn out across the line once.  Pro, Sportsman and Sportsman Motorcycle cannot cross the line at any time.  Burnouts will be from the edge of the water box forward. 

Dial in:  Check your dial-in on the scoreboard if your dial-in is incorrect do not stage.  If you stage and accept a green light there will be no rerun.  Make dial-in’s clear and large – front and left side windows. 

Crosstalk: Crosstalk is used in Super Pro only.  If you do not want to utilize crosstalk put an N behind your dial-in

Staging Procedures:  The courtesy staging procedure is highly recommended.  A car SHOULD NOT go in and turn on both the pre stage and stage lights before their opponent enters the stage lights.   All staging procedures are forward motion only in eliminations. 

Deep Staging:  Deep staging is allowed in all categories, but we do run autostart, so deep staging is at your own risk. 

Blue Line Rule:  The blue line is 24” behind the starting line.  Once the front tires cross this line, no one can touch the car. 

Right of Way:  After crossing the finish line, the car in the LEFT (tower) lane has the right of way when making the left turn on to the return road.  Please be aware and don't turn in front of an oncoming car no matter what lane you are in, either lane may need to use the additional run off area past the turn into the return road.   

Down Track Safety:  Do not remove seat belts/helmet until after you have made the turn on to the return road.  It is highly recommended that you leave them on until you enter the pits.   

Round Winners, PLEASE get back into line as soon as possible.  It is the driver's responsibility to know when you are to be in the lanes and ready to run.  If your car is not able to hot lap, do not run in more than one class. 

DO NOT TAKE COMPLAINTS TO THE TOWER!   All complaints or problems are to be directed to your class representative.

 If your car gets out of shape, get out of it and save your equipment.   

Remember clean up and securing of the facility after each race is everybody’s responsibility!



Class Breaks
Super Pro 7.00 to 11:99
Pro 9.00 to 13.99 no electronics
Sportsman 12.00 to 19.99