Ellsworth, Tucker are King of the Hill Winners


by Michael Giacone


Samoa – Dennis Ellsworth, Jr. won his second straight title as he drove to victory in the Super Pro bracket at Samoa’s King of the Hill Saturday.  Scott Tucker won the Pro bracket and defeated Ellsworth in the King of the Hill runoff.


Other winners were Ana Toledo, John Terry, Adam Smith and Dave Smith.  Toledo defeated Terry in the Street King of the Hill runoff.


Ellsworth clocked a time of 8.50 seconds at 145 mph in his dragster to defeat the 1967 Mustang of Shelby Allen in the final round.  Wayne Cox finished third on his 1986 Suzuki motorcycle.


Tucker won the Pro class in his 1968 Barracuda by running the quarter mile in 11.43 seconds at 116 mph.  Scott bested his Dad, Harlan in his 1967 Barracuda, in the final round.  Mike Scoggin drove to third place with his 1946 Chevy pickup.


Tucker ran right on his 11.39 dial at 117 mph in the Pro runoff to beat Ellsworth, who red-lighted away his chances.


Ana Toledo won the battle of the Mustangs in the Quick Street bracket with a time of 13.95 at 91 mph.  Ana’s 1969 Mustang got the best of Ron Gulbransen’s 1968 California Special.  Nick Purcell’s 1975 Torino and Dave Silva’s 1988 Mustang were the semi-finalists.


John Terry proved that you don’t have to drive fast to win in bracket racing.  Terry’s 1991 Taurus won the Street class with a time of 18.05 at 76 mph over the 1967 Firebird of Brian Stone.  Gordon Sjoquist finished third in his 1963 Studebaker Lark.


Toledo won the Street runoff with a right on 13.90 at 90 mph over Terry.


Adam Smith was top driver in the Junior Dragster class with an 11.34 elapsed time.  Mike Pettit finished runner-up while Tim Ellsworth and Tyler Hutton were the semifinalists.  Robbie Waddell captured the Consolation title by beating Kara Pettit.


Dave Smith won the Gamblers bracket with a time of 16.77 at 83.10 in his Nissan Murano.  Arron Daniels finished second in his 1970 Dodge pickup and Curtis Daniels was third in his 1969 Chevelle.