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10/02/06  -  Humboldt Del-Norte Timing Association signs 20 year lease agreement with City of Eureka for the Samoa Drag Strip.

09/24/06   - Congratulations to Samoa Championship winners: Ray Rapp (Pro Category); Wayne Cox (Sportsman Category); Kaycee Mela (Junior Category).

09/24/06   -     Samoa Point Champions for 2006: Super Pro, Dale Waddell; Pro, John Antongiovanni; Sportsman, Ron Gulbransen; Sportsman Motorcycle, James Surber; Juniors, Robbie Waddell.  Congratulations to Dale and Robbie Waddell for a Father & Son winning team 2 years in a row and to John Antongiovanni for 2 years in a row also.

08/20/06   -   John Widmann Wins the Samoa Challenge Cup

08/06/06  -  National Dragster Challenge winners for 2006:  Dale Waddell, Super Pro; John Antongiovanni, Pro; Jim Brodersen, Sportsman; Darin Torrence, Sportsman Motorcycles.

06/25/06  -  Joe Scheel crowned NHRA King of the Track and takes the Wally home.

06/24/06  -  Congratulations to John Antongiovanni ( Pro Category) and Brian Stone  (Sportsman Category) for winning King of the Hill

05/04/06  -   Mike Scoggin takes over the Thursday Night Street Legal Program, his first race was a great success with over 75 cars racing.

04/30/06  -   ESPN2 sent a film crew to do a segment on the Samoa Drag Strip for NHRA2day scheduled to air on May 21, 2006.

04/30/06  -   Bart Overson takes over as the representative for the Pro Class

04/23/06  -    We held our 1st Race of the season.  Congratulations to the first winners of the year:  Bob Olmstead, Super Pro; John Antongiovanni, Pro; Glen Terry, Sportsman; Wayne Cox, Sportsman Motorcycles; and Mike Pettit, Junior Dragsters.  We now have only five classes:  Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman (Quick Street & Street), Sportsman Motorcycles and Junior Dragsters.

04/22/06  -     Our 1st Eureka Police Department Street Legal drags of the year was a great success

10/30/05  -    Michael Giacone named "Driver of the Year"; Mike Marlin named "Rookie of the Year" & Celeste Boyd named "Most Inspiratonal Racer" for the Samoa Drag Strip 2005 season.

09/25/05   -     Congratulations to Samoa Championship winners:  Dale Waddell (Pro Category); Doug Atkins (Street Category); George Brooks (Motorcycle Category); Kaycee Mela (Junior Category).

09/25/05   -     Samoa Point Champions for 2005: Super Pro, Dale Waddell; Pro, John Antongiovanni; Quick Street, Troy Beck; Street, Jackie Allen; Motorcycle, John Widman; Juniors, Robbie Waddell.

09/11/05    -    Harlan Tucker wins NHRA King of the Track Wally.

09/11/05    -    Congratulations to Wayne Cox on your Award from the National Highway Traffic Safety Board  for your work on the Street Legal Program

08/30/05  -    Congratulations to Hillary Will for being named a Top Fuel Dragster Driver on the Kalitta Racing Team

08/14/05   -     Jerry Toledo Wins the Samoa Challenge Cup

08/14/05   -     National Dragster Challenge winners for 2005:  Dennis Ellsworth Jr, Super Pro; John Antongiovanni, Pro; Wes Brown, Quick Street; Glen Terry, Street; Kirk Speelman, Motorcycles.

07/09/05  -      Congratulations to Dale Waddell ( Pro Category) and Joe Scheel  (Street Category) for winning King of the Hill

07/09/05  -      Kathy Wright takes over as Race Director and gets the track running smoothly again (3 time runs.  Yea!!!)

4/24/05      -    The Samoa Drag Strip held it's first race of the Season.  Congratulations to the first winners of the year, Rick Ellsworth, Sr., John Antongiovanni, Alan Ambrosini, Brian Stone, John Widman and Robbie Waddell.

4/17/05      -    Hillary Will takes Top Qualifier and drives her Top Alcohol Dragster to 1st place at the Powerade NHRA SummitRacing.com nationals **Congratulations Hillary**  We are very proud to say she got her racing start at the Samoa Dragstrip

12/28/04    -    The guest book is up again

12/04        -    Congratulations to Bomber John Widman 2-time - Kerker Motorcycle - Division 7 - Champion

11/13/04    -    Dennis Ellsworth, Jr. and Scott Tucker named Samoa Drag Strip's Drivers of the Year

11/13/04    -    Our Annual Banquet was held at the Samoa Cookhouse and was a great success!

9/19/04     -   Congrats to Junior Dragster Point Champion Tyler Hutton and Attendance Champion Kara Pettit

9/12/04    -    Congratulations to Samoa Championship winners:    Pro Category   Harlan Tucker    Street Category  John Terry

9/12/04    -    Samoa Point Champions for 2004:  Super Pro, Dennis Ellsworth, Jr; Pro, Scott Tucker; Quick Street, Ron Gulbransen; Street, John Terry

8/29/04    -    Welcome to our newest Junior Dragster Race Girl, 11 year old Kristy Pesenti

8/27/04    -    New Driver Profile page has been added, see button on home page.

8/15/04     -   Welcome to our new Junior Drag Racers:   Preston Daniels  who will be joining his brother Curtis and cousin Aaron on the strip; and to Melissa Surber, our newest Race Girl. 

8/15/04    -    John Antongiovanni wins NHRA King of the Track Wally

8/15/04    -    Scott Tucker Wins the Samoa Challenge Cup

8/14/04     -    17 yr old Mike Wright (Pro) enters the 1/4 mile ranks and joins other former Junior Drag Racers Cody Waddell (Quick Street) and Dennis Ellsworth Jr. (Super Pro). 

07/24/04    -    New Items have been added to the Wanted Page.

07/15/04    -    Congratulations to fellow racer, Rich Kelly  on the birth of your first daughter.

07/15/04    -    Congratulations to fellow racer, Bryan Goodman on the birth of your daughter.

06/20/04    -    Rookie Super Pro Driver Dennis Ellsworth, Jr. wins 3rd straight Super Pro Race & takes home a Wally.

6/19/04    -    Scott Tucker wins King of the Hill in Pro Category,  Ana Toledo wins King of the Hill in the Street category.

06/13/04    -   Samoa's latest Junior Dragster graduate, 16 year old Dennis Ellsworth, Jr. Wins his first Super Pro Title (won by .003 at the start)

05/04     -    HDTA has new Address ==  P.O. Box 1211,  Eureka, CA 95502

4/04        -    Kathy Wright Takes over as Webmaster

4/04        -    Andrew retires as webmaster and passes the torch...........
Webmaster - Andrew Oglesby May 2000 to Apr 2004

2/14/04    -     updated for sale items

2/8/04    -    updated website...also: Work Party on Saturday, February 21 to bury 800 feet of new electrical wire and level the storage container.  Please bring necessary tools if you have them.

01/04    -    Humboldt Del Norte Timing Association becomes Incorporated ( and applies for Non-Profit Status)


Old news (highlights from 2003):

12/06/03     -    Harlan Tucker receives Summit ET Finals Wally Trophy at Division 7 Awards Banquet

10/12/03    -    Harlan Tucker wins Summit ET Finals for Division 7 in Phoenix Arizona

9/30/03    -    The Guestbook is back up!

9/03        -    Updated points - final! Added points story. Updated want adds

3/2/03    -    Next Work Party is March 9th. We need to put in about 600 more bolts to finish the track before we can race.                 

2/27/03    -    Elections held, the new Track Pres is Dan Wright, the Vice Pres is Harlan Tucker.

1/8/2003    -    Happy New Year! Updated For Sale Items.

Old news (highlights from 2002):

9/10/02    -    added Samoa Championships results

7/16/02    -    updated Jr. Drags page with Race Procedures and Elimination Procedures.

4/30/02    -    posted Apr 28th race results. added more car pics. updated track sponsors. also added more videos

4/9/02    -    updated racer rides. added video sections - See video clips from the drags! Click on the "drag video clips" button

2/18/02    -    Voted & Passed on Tree. All classes will now be running .500 Full Tree.

Old news (highlights from 2001):

11/7/01    -    Awards Banquets - Samoa Cookhouse - Sat, Nov 17th @ 7pm.

9/18/01 -     updated point standings - these are the FINAL POINT Standings for the 2001 Season.

8/22/01    -    added page for Wally awards

5/14/01    -    Added 'WANTED' section under the For Sale Section - see new button: For Sale/Wanted

2/26/01    -    Race Entry Fees where voted to be raised. New Fees are: Super Pro/Pro $35.00   Quick St/Street/Import $20.00.  General Admission stays at $5.00, but a pit pass is now $10.00.

1/29/01    -    first meeting - Officials elected...same as last year:   Pres - Harlan Tucker  VP - Dale Waddell  Sec - Kristi Seher  Tres - Mike Giacone  Maint - Gary Douthit

Old news (highlights from 2000):

10/3/00      -   added results for the Summit ET Finals! see race results pages.

7/28/00    -    added link for Nhra Jr. Drags web site

7/13/00    -    added a link to the Redding Drag Strip on the links page.

6/15/00    -    got the site listed on NHRA's track directory page:

5/26/00    -    www.samoadragstrip.com   appears on the web!

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