Jr. Drag Racing League

NHRA Regulations

NHRA Jr. Drag Racing Certified Driver Only ($25 ANNUAL FEE)

Ages: Open to ages 8-17 years old

Race Track: 1/8 mile long

Speeds:       8-9 years old - 12.90 sec (50 mph) or slower
                10-17 years old -   7.90 sec (85 mph) or slower

Vehicle Specifications:
                1/2 scale, rear-engine dragster
                90" to 150" wheel base
                225 lbs. minimum
                5hp Briggs & Stratton engine block
                Gas or Alcohol fuel only

Samoa Dragstrip

Junior Dragster Policies and Rules

1.    All drivers MUST have a valid participant card.

2.    ET's will be as follows:

                Ages             Maximum E.T.             Warning             Disqualification

                8-9                     12.90                         12.70                     12.50
                10-17                  7.90                            7.70                      7.50

3.    If a child has not raced before, he/she must make a minimum of 2 passes down the track

4.    Drivers decide lane choice.

5.    Follow directions from Starter at all times.

6.    Do not do burn-outs until told by Starter to do so.   Crossing the line on a burnout is not
        reason for disqualification.

7.    All cars must stage under their own power.

8.    Contestants are allowed ONE opportunity to pull back and re-stage in the event of an
        involuntary over stage.  Raise both hands for pullback and full re-stage.  During
        eliminations, only the Starter may pullback.   Deep stage is allowed.

9.    Any protest or misunderstanding must be lodged before the race is initiated.  (i.e. both
        cars react on green light)

10.    The Starter decisions will be final.  What the Starter says is LAW!

11.    All races are run with a .5 tenths full tree.

12.    Left lane exits first, right lane stays behind left lane then exits.  In the event the car
          cannot make the first exit, that car should line up in the right lane and use the
          second exist at the end of the track.

13.    All other NHRA rules will be followed.  Failure to follow these rules will be grounds
            for disqualification and loss of points.

14.    Ladder will be blind draw.  A first round bye will be determined by first pick in
            drawing.  Second round or later bye will be determined by driver closest to his/
            her dial from the previous round.

15.    In the event of unsportsman like conduct by parent or driver, driver will be dis-
            qualified from the current race and suspended from the next eligible race.